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Things to Do in New York

New York Events, Things happening in New York.

New York’s Main Annual Events

Below is a list of the most popular annual events held in New York.


College Baseball
College Baseball season runs from January to June and all the
state colleges are involved.

Pre Lunar NewYear Gala
Held in Roosevelt Park for a week in Late January it revs up Lower
Manhattan for the Chinese New Year Celebration
Features traditional dancing crafts and a nice array of flowers and Bamboo on display and for purchase. Admission is free

Antiques @ The Piers
Over 200 vendors displaying classic antiques and Americana.
If you are looking for old style shaker furniture civil war era belt buckles or confederate quilts this is the place to be also a huge
showing of antique books. 12th Ave at 55th St. Pier 92/94

Antiques @ The Armory
Usually held at the same time as the antiques at the Pier
69th Regiment Armory, Lexington Avenue @ 26th Street, New York City. 100 Exhibitors. Admission: $15. Free shuttle to
& from The Winter Antiques Show & Americana & Antiques at the Piers

New York Antiques & Fine Art Fair
More Antiques if you did not get your fill at the above
This one is held further uptown at the Armory on Park Avenue and 67th Street, featuring ancient through 20th century American,
Asian, and English furniture, paintings, accessories, ceramics, sculpture, maps, and posters along with antique and estate jewelry
so if you are after a nice old engagement ring this is a great place to find it

New York National Boat Show
Held every year at the Javits Center it is exactly what it sounds like. A huge display of Boats and other Marine Craft
Javits is located on 35th St ad 11th ave

Special Camp Fair
This is an amazing event located at the Church of St. Paul the
Apostle, on Columbus Avenue
It is held annually and is a chance for parents of children with special needs to network and find summer activities and residential
programs. It covers all disabilities and conditions both acquired and developmental. A sign Language interpreter is available as is a braille guide
It is a great resource


Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year Flower Market This used to be small local even in
Chinatown which has grown to host over 150,000 people
It is a magnificent display of flowers bamboo an amazing display of foods and artists. The dates change every year
but the location stays the same in Columbus Park on Mulberry St between Bayard and Worth in Chinatown
Admission is free

Lunar New Year Parade is held every year to celebrate the Chinese New Year
It is a stunning display of Chinese culture featuring both Dragon and
Lion Dances in full costume
Fireworks galore
Food food food and traditional crafts and collectibles
It is truly an amazing thing to see
Dressing warmly is essential
Check out the following website for up to date info and exact dates

2nd Ave Mardi Gras Stroll
This event occurs at the beginning of February so if you can not make
it to New Orleans its great way to get your Fat Tuesday on
You can cruise down second Avenue drinking and picking up beaded
Necklaces and Masks as you go along
Don’t plan anything for the next day however as recovery is often painful first thing in the morning !!

Westminster Kennel Club Show
This is the second oldest sporting event in the country (first is the
Kentucky Derby)
It is actually hard to get last minute tickets as it features over
2,500 breeds of dogs and people come from all over the world to participate support and connect with breeders
Kids enjoy it ……Probably best not to bring the cat though!

Toy Expo and Cultural Festival
This is a collectors dream featuring limited edition rare antique and
hard to find dolls and teddy bears
It is really sweet and attracts a large turnout.
It also features many ideas submitted by NYC public school kids who enter the shows Toy Invention Contest

Love n’ Courage Benefit
This is a benefit which supports both the Theater for the New City’s
Emerging Playwrights Program and Southern Rep, the Regional Theater of
New Orleans, the evening includes a champagne supper, performance, and dancing, along with celebrity appearances.
Tickets can be purchased in advance
Date changes annually

International Art Expo
Held at the Javits center on 35th and 11th
This huge expo includes Paintings, prints, posters, sculpture,
photography, jewelry and more and is a must for collectors, interior designers, gallery owners or private enthusiasts


South Street Seaport Irish Stroll

This is a New York Tradition began in one of the oldest Irish settlements in NYC what we now call South Street Seaport used to be the docks where millions of Irish immigrants found work unloading fishing boats and other commodities that arrived in the cities ports. The stroll is a celebration with food drinking and a walk to kick off the St Patricks day holiday

Fantasy Express
is a Street Fair benefiting the Lenox Hill Hospital Critical Care neonatal unit. There is a Toy Raffle ,Face painting food and drinks as well as crafts and information about the hospital and the community it serves

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Usually held on or around the 17th depending on which day of the week
it falls on the date can change. This is the largest St Pat’s parade in the world, even larger than the Dublin parade. This one which runs along 5th avenue can take several hours to pass a given point.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Come to the circus the greatest show on earth, The greatest names in
the circus world come to the Big Apple each year.
It is an event awaited by all ages and a NY favorite

USA Memory Championship
See people who have memory abilities beyond imagination
These mental giants gather to show off ability in seven events
involving 250 random digits, an entire deck of cards, 300 random words, 99 names and faces, and an unpublished 50 line
poem. You will never feel the same way about forgetting what you went to the store for again !!!!!

Manhattan Antiques Triple Pier Expo

This is the largest Antiques show in Manhattan extending over two
consecutive weekends as more than 600 dealers display treasures along
the Hudson River.
Whatever you are looking for it is most likely there

Blades Over Broadway
The Harlem Figure Skating group organizes an ice show which attracts
hundreds of community members and local Politicians

Long Island Golf Show
To kick off the golf season, over the last weekend in March, Suffolk
County Community College in Brentwood hosts a series of contests,
workshops on golf etiquette and technique, a chipping range, and
celebrity appearances.


Major League Baseball
Nothing says America like Baseball
The Food The fans and the general experience are all such an integral part of American culture
New York is heavily divided between Met Fans and Yankees Fans but we share a common ground in wanting to be sure the Boston Red Socks don’t win
The stadiums are packed to the top for most home games with tickets for some being harder to get than others so calling ahead or checking online is important
New York Mets – To book seats for New York Mets, click here.
New York Yankees – To book seats for the New York Yankees, click here.
It is a long day so there is tons of food to be had from traditional Hotdogs and Roasted peanuts
to Popcorn, Pizza, Burgers and other standard sporting event fare sold both at concession stands and by vendors who walk around through the crowds
Beer flows like water but don’t forget your ID as drinking age is strictly enforced (under 21 and no service)and proof is requested unless you look at least 95
Whichever stadium you choose to take the trains
They are quick and easy and fast
And just because we have to say so
GO YANKEES !!!!!!!

Major League Soccer
Yes, America Plays Football. No, it can not beat any European team so our Eastern And Western Conferences play against each other in regular season matches hoping to move on to the playoffs and

cup finals. The New York team is called the Red Bulls

Easter Parade
Break out the silly big hats and come to watch the floats bands and performers make their way through the city stopping traffic along its path and making for a great way to spend an early spring day. It can get quite windy so dressing with an extra layer is good
Kids love this parade. There is chocolate and the Easter bunny and opts of events happening along the parade route and in Central Park like the Egg Hunt and activities in the Children’s Zoo and gardens. A photo at the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in the park is always a great stop and is a little known NY tradition that we do with our children

The Wedding Salon
Hold on to your wallets its WEDDING SEASON !!!!!
This bonanza has something for everyone with Gowns Florists Chef Photographers Invitations and more
There are specialists in Same-Sex weddings, Second Marriages, and Theme Weddings all under one roof in Gotham Hall to help you plan your dream event
Admission is steep at $125 per person, $150 for couples, but you should make it all back on the big day so don’t worry
A silent auction benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Call (212) 631-7777 for more information.

New York International Auto Show
People all over the East Coast await this event held annually at the Javits Center on 35th St.

It is a week-long peek at concept cars, new designs, classics

and rarities along with parts and seminars opening day is a madhouse ad going during the early afternoon is recommended to beat the crowds. Call the Javits center for exact dates as they tent to change yearly

New York Antiques & Fine Art Fair
Held at St. Paul The Apostle, Columbus Avenue at 60th Street, this show features American, Asian, and English works including furnishings, paintings, accessories,

ceramics, sculpture, maps and posters as well as antique and estate jewelry so if you are looking for an antique engagement ring this might be a good place to start

JFK Runway Run
mid to late April each year, the JFK Rotary Club sponsors the Tom Carmody Memorial Run
It is a race on JKF Airports longest runway starting from Building 14
A great Photo pop and a really unique event
There are raffles games prizes food and the chance to say you ran on a runway without being chased by police which is pretty cool Call (718) 244-5140 for more information.

The Big Swim
Over 1.000 New York Area kids take part in this race held at Asphalt green pool
All participants get a medal, photos and chances to meet olympians at the finish
It is a great event to see as the children are filled with such pride and some are really amazing
You never know you might be watching the next Michael Phelps

Earth Day
A huge event throughout the city filled with Concerts Giveaways seminars and food
There are things going on all over the city so googling is always important if you want specifics or just wander around and explore
South Street Seaport is a popular place to be to celebrate

National Tartan Day
Tons of Scotsmen marching down 6th Avenue with pipers drummers and an amazing display of tartan some dating back hundreds of years
Don’t ask what they are wearing underneath !!!

Night of a Thousand Gowns
We attend and support this benefit ball which supports God’s Love We Deliver, New York’s oldest provider of meals to those living with HIV/AIDS and other

life-threatening illnesses. Call (212) 831-5676 for more information. It is an amazing organization and they throw a fantastic party
Tickets are available and Dress is Black Tie but some men choose to come in Tails. You can rent Tuxes from the Men’s Warehouse and for the ladies check out vintage shops for a great inexpensive gown. Its a night you will never forget and assists in the health and livelihood of countless individuals


Great Five Boro Bike Tour

Americas largest cycling event it attracts some 30,000 competitors who make their way through the five boroughs on a 42-mile course.

New York Jets Taste of the NFL Benefit

The Jets sponsors an annual dinner in early May each year hosted by local 5-star restaurants, where guests can meet past and present football legends and participate in a silent auction, with proceeds benefiting programs that fight hunger. Venue changes annually so call (212) 485-8050 for more information

Ninth Avenue International Food Festival

Eat your way from 37th to 5th street into one of New York’s best street fairs.

Family Matters: National Fertility and Adoption Conference

This is the worlds larger event of its kind and besides getting the top physicians and healthcare professionals toothier to participate in over 30 workshops it is an amazing place to get information on all the aspects of Adoption including Traditional Open and LGBT ,Foster Care Surrogacy,Egg Donation and more

NewYorkStay supports this event as some of our staff are adoptive parents and the kids love this event as a space to meet others like them and share information . For adults it is a great chance to become part of or have a look at a warm open community which welcomes ALL

Spring Dachshund Festival

Take Weenie for a walk to enjoy the Washington Square Park party for Dachshunds and their owners, sponsored by the Dachshund Friendship Club. It’s silly and makes for some great photos

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

For over 70 years, the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit has featured some 250 artists in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village art is available for purchase as well as exhibition

All are welcome and its great.

Fine Art & Designer Crafts Festival

Up and down Bleeker Street, between Hudson and Christopher Streets, local artists display and sell collectible and functional artworks. No food vendors allowed, but live acoustic music is provided. Proceeds from artists’ rent support programs of the Greenwich Village Youth Council. There are some very unique pieces available both small and large


We take the family to this one every year as an excuse to get out of the city and into the fresh air

Kite Field at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow hosts an exhibition of over 10,000 works by around 100 artists from around the world, and the Long Island Children’s Museum also will be on hand to lead a number of activities for the kids. The Long Island Railroad stops very nearby and shuttles are available. Take a picnic and enjoy the sun. The kids can run around and there is some really nice art to be had.


The Belmont Stakes

The last event in the Triple Crown (the other 2 being the Kentucky Derby and Preakness)

This race attracts all ages and is an event not to be missed

Break out the fancy hats and get ready for suspense and excitement because when it comes to Horse Racing even the least favored jockey sometimes breaks out of the pack and takes the win

Bet wisely and enjoy every minute of the lovely location and incredible moments to be had in

Belmont Park in Elmont, Long Island. Call (516) 667-5055 or (718) 641-4700 for more information.

JVC Jazz Festival

If you are a Jazz fan this one is for you

kick off summer by getting some great show in June through early July, listen to some of the greatest musicians play at venues including Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, the Beacon Theater and Town Hall

Check for schedules and acts online or directly with venues for schedules and artist lists

Puerto Rican Day Parade

This is one event that gets the crowds dancing

Puerto Ricans are the city’s largest ethnic group and they come out with their colors flying

3 million people on average attend this rocking event with tons of food, traditional dancing music and an infectious spirit . The parade commences on Fifth Avenue between 44th and 85th streets it lasts all day and then splinters off into smaller parties in the evening . The Lower East side is full of smaller parties and festivities during the day as well

State Fair Meadowlands

While this is in New Jersey we will list it as it is a popular event

The State Fair Meadowlands at Giants Stadium Fairgrounds in East Rutherford runs for three weeks with non-stop family entertainment including what’s billed as the World’s Largest Carnival Midway, with more than 75 rides Games and tons of sticky cotton candy, CornDogs,and funnel cake to fill up on for a lifetime

It a bit of a trip out of the city but New Jersey transit operates busses from the Depot and the Path trains can assist in connection to the fairgrounds

Camp Rollerblade

A family that plays together stays together

This is a great activity if you are around

Camp Rollerblade is a two-day camp to teach adults and families to inline skate. No experience necessary. Held in Central Park and tons of falling down fun !!!

Lesbian and Gay Pride March


This is a huge part of part of week-long festivities commemorating the Stonewall Riots of June 27, 1969

It showcases how far we have come and how much further we are ready to go as a city and a community to accept ALL human beings as equal

The music is fantastic the dancers performers and participants are fabulous and all of downtown comes out to celebrate our diverse and limitless rainbow

Finishing in Washington Square park with MASSIVE music ,dancing and celebrations this is one not to miss

A photographers dream of color and personality

Bring the kids and an open heart and let your colors fly !!!!!


Its not Sturgis but its as close as we can get locally

Held at the famous Riverhead Raceway, in June and again in September, the Long Island Motorcycle Fair is full of entertainment, bike shows, and vendors to create the ultimate motorcycle weekend getaway. East End Stunt Challenge contests include the longest and slowest wheelies, stoppies, quads, and more,

There is Beer Tattoos and everything you would expect at a motorcycle rally

NOT to miss and a great excuse to get out of the city

Take the LIRR(long Island Railroad)and hit the fair then head out to the Hamptons or Montauk

for the weekend

Metropolitan Opera in the Parks

During much of June and July, city parks offer free evening performances.

Info on this event can be obtained by calling 311 and asking for locations and show listings

A great way to see a small bit of opera while relaxing outside

Nice introduction for beginners and a good picnic date for couples

Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park


The Delacorte Theater in Central Park presents free performances under the stars with Shakespeare fans lining up hours in advance for tickets

It is a very popular event for people who live in the city and tickets are hard to come by

Call (212) 539-8750 or (212) 539-8500 or check online for more information

The Delacorte family made massive donations to the city’s arts foundations and especially love the park

If you go do be sure to try to find the Delacorte clock as it is a beautiful piece of art dedicated to the children of the city of New York. Hint: it is near the zoo


July Fourth
Total madness
Fireworks street fairs special deals in Cafes restaurants and bars Huge Ships sailing in Mini regattas
The possibilities are endless
You can stay in the city and view the fireworks from a spot on the West Side Highway which is closed down and turned into a standing room only viewing area for the fantastic display put on by the world-famous Grucci family (look them up they are amazing)
Make advance arrangements to view the show from a boat either on a dinner cruise or a simple charter
Or head out to Long Island and check out the activities and fireworks on that side of the Long Island Sound
There are displays held in the Hamptons and on Bar Beach near Port Washington as well which can be viewed from Tappen Beach which is almost all local crowds of families
Most New Yorkers leave the city or watch the fireworks on TV as it is a madhouse on the west side but if you are visiting and have kids over the age of 10 its amazing to stand and watch from the highway
If you are an adult without children try to get a table for drinks at the Boom Boom Room on the top of the Standard Hotel
The view is spectacular and watching the crowds below makes it even better !!!
If you have little kids the wait is really long and there are no toilets or food so it can be a bit of a drama best to find something else to do with them unless you have a good stroller and lots of snacks galore as well as a portable potty( the Potette is one all NY moms have and we swear by it)

Brooklyn Independence Day Parade
This is actually the oldest parade in the city and begins in Bay Ridge and going up to John Paul Jones Park
It is not really something many tourists attend but could be a nice side trip along with a visit to Coney Island

Lincoln Center Festival
This is a fantastic overview of world dance, theater, music, opera, and circus performances
It is a great way to see all that Lincoln center has to offer in one swoop

Mostly Mozart
A selection of celebrated musicians performing the work of Mozart Beethoven and many others
If you are a classical buff don’t miss this

Asian American International Film Festival
This is a 30-year-old film festival is the oldest celebration of Asian American filmmakers in the county
Call (212) 989-1422 for more information.

International Dance Festival
Showcasing tons of unique dance companies from across the globe this benefits the Summer Performance Lab Scholarship Program
On display are modern, cultural, Ballet and jazz performances

Midsummer Nights Swing
A great even always packed with amazing dancers and celebrities as well as music lovers musicians and locals held in Lincoln Center’s Josie Robertson Plaza it is an outdoor dance party with swing, salsa and tango.


Harlem Week
This neighborhood as undergone a huge renovation and is now one of the cities most popular cultural hubs
This week highlights the development with Poetry, Concerts, Kids activities and local foods
It is a great chance to view some of the fantastic architecture and experience Harlem for more then the Apollo(which incidentally should not be missed !!!)

Lincoln Center Out Of Doors
This is a free festival that includes workshops for kids activities or families chances to meet some of the stars of performances and companies and a general chance to see the center interact with the community

New York Fringe Festival
The Lower east Side shakes off its grungy reputation and explodes with local and international tallent
Featuring theater, musicals, dance and comedy it has something for everyone and some really amazing performers

US Open
This is the Grand Slam
Pitting the best of the best against each other in singles, doubles and mixed doubles
The competition is fierce the tension high and the grand prize huge
If you are not interested in the game its always good to check out what new fashions the Williams sisters will bring to the clay !!!
And, for a piece of trivia, all the kids running for balls are selected from local tennis academies
They are allowed to pay small matches on the courts during off times and sometimes even for crowds
For info and tickets call (800) GO-TENNIS.


The coming of fall means city kids are returning to School and adults of all ages and persuasions are gearing up for that time of year when sunday nights are devoted to the Televison broadcasting the games
Thats right folks its FOOTBALL SEASON and we here in NY have 2 teams The Jets and the Giants
Both will vie for a spot in the Super Bowl

Catching a game is great fun but it can be VERY cold so being sure to dress warmly and carry a thermos full of tea or coffee is essential if you are not planning on using beer to keep you warm
New York Giants – To book seats for the New York Giants, click here.
New York Jets – To book seats for the New York Jets, click here.

College Football
Every game counts in this stepping stone on the path to the NFL
Checking out a game is a great chance to see rising stars fight their way to the goal in hopes that a scout will be watching and they will be drafted to play in the big time
Our local teams are Rutgers Scarlett Knights, Army Black Knights, Columbia Lions, Fordham Rams, Hofstra Pride, Iona Gaels, Marist Red Foxes, Monmouth Hawks, St. Peter’s Peacocks, Stony Brook Seawolves, Wagner Seahawks

Rockabilly Festival
A unique weekend full of live music, some odd people , sideshows and burlesque acts from all over the country all happening on the Coney Island boardwalk
A great excuse to get out to see the famous landmark check out the Aquarium and RIDE THE CYCLONE (unless you have back problems in which case we do not recommend the cyclone at all)
fantastic photos and some really serious funnel cakes and cotton candy
If you get out there do not miss a stop at Nathans Famous Hot Dogs on the boardwalk and grab some fries and a dog with extra mustard

The San Gennaro Festival
This is another event all New Yorkers await
FOOD FOOD FOOD everywhere in Little Italy in honor of the patron saint of Naples
The stalls selling everything from Arrancini to Sausages to Pastas galore are just a few of the favorites on offer
Rides stalls music floats and general chaos are to be had on every corner
If you are not keen on large crowds in small spaces this one is best avoided as the streets are very narrow and there s little room to move unless it is with the crowds

Lit Crawl NYC
The East Village and the LES open many bookstores bars and coffeehouses stores both small and large for staged readings, music, poetry slams and other events
This event is sponsored by Litquake which is San Francisco’s Literary Festival
Info about the venues and performers can be found online

Long Island Motorcycle Fair
See June entry as it happens both in June and September

Escape New York
A few bicycle unicycle and tricycle event featuring 3 planned routes through 2 ew Jersey Counties There are free snacks and drinks as well as raffles and auctions
All profits go towards Recycle-a-Bicycle set up to teach marginalized inner-city youth about bicycling and recycling

A fabulous event held on Pier 54 showcasing our most flamboyant and beautiful Drag Queens in some really far out wigs
This is a great photo op for tourists and is an event attended by thousands of New Yorkers as well as tourists
Highly recommended for those with a open mind and a great sense of humor

A Taste of New York
held in Queens with tickets on sale for $10 it includes cooking and prep demos as well as tastings at all 20 stations run by chefs from select restaurants all over the city

New York Film Festival
This is a 17 day long festival featuring new pieces from around the world from every genre you can imagine. It is packed with celebs and some films feature Q&A with the directors or other participants after screenings


NHL. National Hockey League

Winter is on its way and it brings with it all the bloodthirsty action of HUGE men in tons of padding chasing a tiny little piece of rubber across the ice. Losing teeth left and right and throwing down some legendary brawls in the process hockey season is loved and feared by all. Here in NY, we have 2 teams. The Rangers and the Islanders

To book seats New York Islanders – To book for the New York Islanders, click here. New York Rangers – To book for the New York Rangers, click here

Feast with Famous Faces

This is a major event for up and coming New York Chef who are given a chance to cook alongside some of the worlds top Sous Chef and then have their dishes paired with wines by famous Sommeliers

All money from this event goes to benefit the League for the Hard of Hearing

Columbus Day Festival

Street fairs galore on Lower Broadway Parades Uptown and Midtown

This is big fun in all neighborhoods. The local communities use this time as a chance to wrap up the outdoor fair season

Independent Feature Film Festival

Held at the Angelika Film Center this festival screens new Indie Films and hosts workshops and seminars

Info can be found online about scheduling and reservations

NYC Underground Comedy Festival

Laugh till you drop with upcoming and established comedians from all over the world

This event lasts for a week and is held at the New York Public Library as well as many smaller library branches



BEER BEER BEER and food to go with it as well as Arts and Crafts and traditional dancing and performances along Lexington Avenue

Pagan Pride Harvest

This is a unique chance to see Wiccan and other pagan religious rituals marking the Autumnal Equinox in a celebration to eliminate social prejudice and religious discrimination. It is a lovely way to experience fall and a really informative open group of people. Event is held downtown in Battery Park downtown near the water so you can visit the Statue of Liberty as well since the Ferry leaves from nearby

Greater New York Food And Wine Expo

Held in beautiful Westchester NY There is a tasting tent which showcases over 250 East Coast Vineyards and celebrity chef demonstrations and paring seminars

A must if you like a good bottle of wine or just want an excuse to get out of town and see the leaves changing color

Dachshund Oktoberfest

Have a beer with Weenie

Held in Washington Square Park sponsored by the Dachshund Friendship Club

Its a great chance to take photos of these lovely little dogs which are very popular in NY because of their compact size and portability as well as the extreme cuteness factor

Tibetan Festival

Held on Staten Island at the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

This is an opportunity to get out and take the ferry which has some fabulous views of the Statue of Liberty and see a really cool puppet show as well as experiencing Tibetian Culture and eating some lovely food If you go be sure to try some Momos and a Thupka or ThanTuk. They are Dumplings and Soups and are very tasty

Bluegrass Festival

Another Staten Island Event Featuring amazing traditional music

This is a 10 year old festival and is really something not to miss

We like to take the family out and have a picnic and enjoy nature while listening to some banjo !!

Union Square Autumn Fair

Over 200 vendors line Park Aveue with food crafts and clothing stalls

Escape New York

A great cycling event spanning three routes through scenic Bergen and Rockland counties

starting and finishing at Manhattan’s Sakura Park

Haunted Halloween Carnival

This is a big event in Brooklyn with a Haunted House games crafts costume contest and much more

Bring the kids and get face painting and carve a pumpkin as well as getting your scare on

Mask A Rave

This is an annual event that is hard to find but when you do it is a night to remember

Rotating throughout locations in Manhattan for almost 20 years it is still a great way to spend Halloween

One of our staff was at the very first one and quite a few since and highly recommends it

Check online for info about where you can purchase tickets

18 and over only NO ALCHOHOL

Only dancing !!!

Rave hard


NBA Season
Since 1946 the National Basketball League has been thrilling fans with suspense filled matches chock full of speed, competition and nonstop cortside action

If you are able to catch a game during your stay we highly recommend it
The matches are held indoors so its nice and warm and the usual sports arena fare is available for snacking
Crowds are loud music is pumping and the fans are loyal
Our local team is the New York Knicks but to be fair to the guys across the river we will also say the New Jersey Nets are a strong team who play a great game
Whichever team you choose to check out do try to check out either one or at least buy a jersey in one of the million sporting goods stores throughout the city to show your NY pride !!!!!!

College Basketball
You never know when you might be watching the next Larry Bird ,Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan
The action is non stop as players try their hardest to shoot the 3 pointer of the game in hopes there is a scout in the crowd who will draft them into the NBA
We have a lot of local schools so naturally a lot of teams
Fordham Rams, Long Island Blackbirds, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, St. Francis Terriers, St. John’s Red Storm, Seton Hall Pirates, Stony Brook Seawolves, Army Black Knights, Columbia Lions, Fairleigh Dickinson Knights, Hofstra Pride, Iona Gaels, Marist Red Foxes, Monmouth Hawks, Rutgers-Newark Scarlet Raiders, St. Peter’s Peacocks, Wagner Seahawks
Seats are easy to get and cheap except during March Madness which is the NCAA Division Basketball Championships.
Its good fun and there is some really great raw talent

Chocolate Show
Just like the name suggests its a chocolate extravaganza
Lovely Delicious and some very creative combinations and designs
Held annually at the Metropolitan Pavilion and the Altman Building
Its tasty and smells fantastic
A must visit on my list ……

The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting
Thousands of people decending on this tiny square of NY to see the Massive tree lighting and watch the show which always features top performances by some amazing artists singing both seasonal and popular hits
There is also an ice skating show
Its crowded freezing and a great experience
The kids will most likely not make it through if they are little but bigger kids (over 10)will enjoy it

Thanksgiving Day Parade
This is the big one
The parade of all parades in the city
MASSIVE crowds even Bigger Balloons Spectacular floats and amazing performances by Broadway stars Pop Favorites and High School Bands galore
Special guests include the high kicking New York City Rockettes and their fantastic legs
Special tip
If you want to avoid the crowds of the parade but still want to check out the Balloons head to the area between th and 81st streets between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue on the night before Thanksgiving to watch the inflation
It is a little known event attended by locals mostly and is a New York Tradition
In the past few years more tourists have been attending slowly but its still mostly natives and we love it
They begin at around 4 pm and end around 9 or 10 It is an amazing sight and the photographs are possible only in NY !!


One of the worlds largest gatherings of people dressed up like santa in the world
Details of this event are released as the date gets closer but the concept is simple
Dress up like santa
Party with others dressed up like santa
Dress up like an elf
Party with others dressed up like an elf
Check online for info
This is one great set of photos and a really funny thing to see
it is fantastic to watch the Con let out and the streets fill up with santas
Poor little kids who happen to be out and about are so confused and moms dads and caregivers spend many an hour explaining away the hundreds of slightly tipsy people in red suits.

Window Spotting
Another New York tradition and its free unless you go inside the shops and spend
Cruising up and down 5th Ave checking out the following stores for their amazing window displays
Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Ave at 56th St (800-423-6335,
Lord & Taylor, 424 Fifth Ave at 39th St (212-391-3344,
New Museum Store, 235 Bowery at Prince St (212-219-2222,
Dylan’s Candy Bar, 1011 Third Ave at 60th St (646-735-0078,
Bloomingdale’s, 59th St and Lexington Ave (212-705-2000,
Macy’s, 34th St and Sixth Ave (212-695-4400,
Anthropologie, 50 Rockefeller Plaza between 50th and 51st Sts (212-246-0386, On view now.
Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave at 58th Sts (212-753-7300,
Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave between 49th and 50th Sts (212-753-4000,
Tiffany & Co., 727 Fifth Ave between 56th and 57th Sts (212-755-8000, .
Barneys, 660 Madison Ave between 60th and 61st Sts (212-826-8900,
Fendi, 677 Fifth Ave between 53rd and 54th Sts (212-759-4646,
Cartier, 653 Fifth Ave at 52nd St (212-446-3400).
Louis Vuitton, 19 E 57th St at Fifth Ave (212-752-4835,
Kids can mail a letter to Santa in Macys till december 24th in the giant letterbox in the center of the first floor

Eating chestnuts on the street
Get em hot and there is nothing like one

The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
Everything it sounds like and the Rockettes
There are Animals, Dancing, Singing and an amazing array of performers
Take the kids, take grandma, take yourself try to see it once for sure
It runs for the whole month but tickets can be hard to get so do call in advance to TicketMaster or the Radio City booth for available showtimes

Any performance of the Nutcracker
There is one for everyone
From the classical presentation to rap

Urban Ballet Theater: Nutcracker in the Lower
Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St., nr. Pitt St.; 212-352-3101.
The hot-cocoa counterpoint to NYCB’s hot toddy revs up the show with a multicultural cast and hip-hop beats.
This is a great version to take older teen boys to or the girl who is not into Tutus but still loves a good classic (or doesn’t know that she does but is about to find out )

Dances Patrelle: The Yorkville Nutcracker
Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College, 695 Park Ave., at 68th St.; 212-772-4448.
The Sugar Plum Fairy alights in 1890s Manhattan for a history lesson en pointe.
Never seen it so we can not review but it sounds different and different is good

American Ballet Theatre
BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, 30 Lafayette Ave., nr. Ashland Pl., Ft. Greene; 718-636-4100.
This new, acclaimed production of The Nutcracker received rave reviews for its choreography by Alexei Ratmansky of the Bolshoi Ballet , live orchestra, and costumes by Tony Award–winner Richard Hudson of the Lion King

New York Theatre Ballet
Florence Gould Hall, 55 E. 59th St., nr. Park Ave.; 212-355-6160.
A streamlined one-hour version that’s been known to attract celebrity moms like Marcia Gay Harden and Sarah Jessica Parker This one is great for the 4 to 10 set of little Tutu Heads that can not sit through the Balanchine version but still would love to check out the sugar plum fairy

New York City Ballet
David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center; 212-870-5500.
Towering trees, onstage blizzards, and pretty ballerinas. You cant go wrong with the great George Balanchine ! This is the one which sets the standard

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