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New York City Midtown – Area Info & Accommodation

It is the first image that comes to mind when you think of New York and with good reason. It is where our most famous buildings the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings stand. It is home to the infamous Times Square and Broadway and no other place in the world has such an overwhelming collection of hotels, businesses, retail centers, bars restaurants and other commercial enterprises in such a small space. Midtown spans 31st to 59th Streets and from 3rd avenue to 9th Avenues. Within the area of Midtown there are many smaller neighborhoods some of the most important being:

TIMES SQUARE is the area from 42nd to 53rd Streets and from 6th to 8th Avenue. HELLS KITCHEN is the area from 42nd to 59th st and from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River. TURTLE BAY 42nd St to 53rd St and from Lexington to the East River. THE GARMENT DISTRICT is 34th to 42nd St ad from 5th to 9th Avenues. MURRY HILL is 34th St to 42nd St and from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue. KIPS BAY is 23rd St to 34th st and from 3rd Avenue to the East River.

Historically while it has been a huge commercial center Midtown is also famous for its contribution to American theater. The early theater began to migrate from downtown seeking lower rents and larger spaces in the late 1860s. Beginning in 1907 and continuing into the Early 1930s the Ziegfeld Follies were a cross between Broadway shows as we know them now and classic Vaudeville acts. They were famous for the beautiful girls and fabulous costumes and as the follies continued so did the performances of classic works by Shakespeare and many smaller burlesque and comedy shows featuring song and dance, Improv and variety acts. As the years past and playwriting became more structured in the United States the Theater District grew to include dramas and comedies which evolved into what is today known as Broadway. With its mix of musicals and drama, there is something for everyone to be found on the “Great White Way”.

The Area of Times Square is always of interest and should be visited both during the day and at night for the best photographs! After suffering a time of great social decline the late 1960s till the early 90s when it was full of bars, adult theaters and sex shops the square is now an amazingly clean and family friendly public gathering space with no traffic as the main roads have been closed so pedestrians could enjoy the surroundings. There are tables and benches to relax at Huge Jumbotrons and amazing signs surround you from every angle. The MTV Studios have massive glass walls allowing people on the outside to watch filming and interact with people inside making it a very popular destination and there are 4 other major TV networks have their studios located in Times Square as well so there is always something to see and do. Inside the huge Toys R Us store is an indoor Ferris wheel which is Handicapped Accessible and tons of fun. There are what seems like an endless amount of shops both large and small and a dizzying array of restaurants and cafes to stop in and grab a bite. The electricity and vibrancy of Midtown are of great pride to New Yorkers and it is an absolute do not miss destination for anyone visiting the city.


Empire State Building
Grand Central Station(look up at the ceiling its magnificent)
The United Nations Building
St Patricks Cathedral
Top of the Rock
The New York Public Library(the lions outside are named Patience and Fortitude)
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
The TKTS booth for cheap Broadway Tickets


Elaine’s Stardust Diner (DON’T MISS IT )
The 21 Club
Bann or Bann next door
Serendipity 3
Any of the Halal food carts or pizza places on the street are sure to satisfy
and with over 1,500 other restaurants and cafes, we say get out and EXPLORE

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