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New York City Guide: Tourist Information and more

A complete guide to New York, best shopping, things to do, places to eat and drink and attractions to visit.

How do you describe New York? Dynamic, crazy, unreal, mesmerizing, insane? New York City is all of these and a lot more besides.

No other city is more filmed, more talked about and more visited. Why? Because New York happens to be the greatest city on earth and considered by many to be the most exciting also as it exudes a unique brand of magic which grabs you the moment you set foot on New York soil.

New York is one city where you never know what’s going to happen. Here everything is possible and anything can happen and usually does.
More than 50 million visitors visit New York annually, a record for any city, and it gets more popular each year. Whether it’s your 1st, 5th or 50th visit, New York has something different to offer every time.

Carriage Rides in Central Park

A horse-drawn carriage awaits you for your trip around the world’s most famous park. A carriage ride through Central Park conjures up all sorts from movie star to olden times when we did not move about so fast and sat back and enjoyed the view instead of nowadays we rush about like ants. Well, this is your chance to relax and enjoy the ride even though you don’t get to see all that much of the park for your $40 and you do not get a say in where you would like to be taken. But as it’s Central Park and New York who cares. Just enjoy the experience. Ideal for lovers who only have eyes for one another.

On-Screen Tours

Escape your reality and go On Location with On Location Tours, New York City’s only TV and movie tour company! On-location Tours operates several different bus tours including Manhattan Movie Sites, Sex and the City Hotspots, as well as a walking tour of Central Park movie sites visiting all the places used as movie sets.

South Street Seaport is another special place to visit during your stay. This historic trading port dates back to the middle 1600s, and was know as the “Street of Ships”.Today it has been transformed into an amazing place and is now home to many shops restaurants, eateries as well as tourist places. Lovely quaint cobblestoned streets and great views of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s well worth a visit and best of all does not cost a penny.

Cell Phone walking tours of Central Park

This is the latest type of tour, self-guided by your cell phone so no tour guide.

Take in one of the Free Concerts in the Park. All summer long you can catch free concerts in Central Park. Boating anyone? Boating in Central Park. On a summers day, it is lovely to hire a boat and go boating around central Park or sit back and watch others. Feed the Squirrels in Central Park, If you like fancy a little wildlife interaction buy some nuts and go feed the ubiquitous squirrels.

The Millionaires Row Tour where you learn about the fabulous wealth that is in Manhattan and the Museum Mile Tour where you can learn all about the best museums in the world.

If you fancy other walking tours of the Big apple check out Big Onion Walking Tours who offer a great selection of tours and were awarded the “Best Walking Tour in New York City” by New York Magazine.

The BIG ONION walking tour company offers a huge range of tours exploring every corner of the city, from Brooklyn Heights to Chinatown and everything in between. Some of the highlights include walking the Brooklyn Bridge and a historic tour of Greenwich Village.

The Big Apple Circus is a circus with a difference and is more than just your average circus. The performances are rooted in the real circus tradition.
Classical Circus began back in 1770 in England by a guy called Astley when he combined equestrian showmanship, jugglers and acrobats into a one-ring show and The circus as we know it was born. The Big Apple circus opened it’s doors back in began in 1977 and is still thriving.

New York from above

The best way to see New York is a helicopter ride over Manhattan

New York by Area / Location:

Below is information on the various neighborhoods of Manhattan and the properties we have located in each.

Gramercy Park, New York

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Upper West Side

Midtown, Manhattan

Wall Street

The Bowery

East Village, Manhattan

Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

Rockefeller Center

Union Square


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