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Travelling with babies and young children | New York City Travel with children

Traveling with babies and young children

A lot of parents with babies or young children will have considered this issue in-depth, especially if those mothers and fathers have been previously bitten by the travel bug, but is it possible to travel with babies and young children? By this, it’s not just whether it’s physically possible, but also in terms of a relatively stress-free and relaxing getaway.

With younger tots in tow, is it an impossible dream?

If you don’t have friends or close acquaintances to advise you on such a matter, having a quick look online reveals that there are many parents out there who have been ready to take the challenge of traveling with their babies, and even more who have traveled – and reported back favorably – with toddlers.
The prevailing opinion is that if you love to travel, don’t perceive of your children as some sort of a restriction – they can be quite the opposite, in fact! Of course, you need to change your travel rhythms, no breakneck-speed backpacking through Europe or cut-price night buses through South America, for instance, but even this has its plusses.

Who can honestly say that they were enamored by bug-filled youth hostel beds or the joys of arriving at an unknown destination in the middle of a winter’s night?

Traveling with children means a bit of organization beforehand, like knowing which London hotels you plan to stay at, which hotels in New York have facilities for children, and how you’ll be traveling around. In terms of getting around, a car rental is recommended over public transport, but that’s not to say that public transportation is an impossibility! However, don’t plan too much. The agenda for the day can largely depend on the mood of your child, so simple tasks like playing on the beach or in a park, or even just doing some supermarket grocery shopping are totally feasible ways to productively spend a
day on the road.

Don’t pack too much, as you’ll want to be able to keep your attention on your kids rather than what’s happening with your luggage, but there are a few essentials that can’t be left at home. Never underestimate the value of a favorite toy! In fact, the best piece of advice would have to
be to make a list of your child’s favorite toys, the ones that are easy to take on the road with you and stick to it. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where your toddler realizes that they don’t have their favorite blanky mid-flight. Lightweight but entertaining educational toys are also a great addition
to your luggage, as are soothers, rattlers, and soft toys.

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